Texas Franchise Tax

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By switching to Lone Star Registered Agent– the local, Texas franchise tax report pros – your business can save hundreds each year compared to other services.

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How We File Your Texas Franchise Tax Report

We make filing your Texas Franchise Tax report easy. Click the File Today button and complete our simple signup form.

That’s all you need to do!

Our team will receive your order, verify your company information with the state, and contact you for any additional information required (Texas Webfile Number found on your State Compliance Notice). Then we file your franchise tax report on-time and hassle-free— guaranteed! Plus, you get a free year of registered agent service and you’ll save hundreds of dollars compared to other services.

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Texas Tax Franchise FAQ

When is the Texas Franchise Tax due?

You must file the annual report by May 15th with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts to avoid late fees.

For guaranteed on-time filing, you must hire Lone Star Registered Agent by May 11th.

How much does the Texas Franchise Tax Report cost?

Texas charges different amounts for the franchise tax report based on annual revenue:

  • For businesses that make less than $1.23 million a year, the report has no fees to file.
  • For businesses that make more than $1.23 million a year, it’s a 0.331% tax on total revenue. 

To file the franchise tax report, we charge a $100 filing fee and include a year of registered agent service. We’ll cover all state fees (excluding taxes due) to make sure filing your report is as fast and simple as possible.

What happens if I file my Texas Franchise Tax Report after May 15?

You’ll be charged a $50 late fee if you fail to file a Texas Franchise Tax Report by May 15th.

Where do I find my Texas Business Webfile Number?

Your Texas Business Webfile Number can be found in a couple places (pictures below):

  1. On your state compliance notice in the top right hand corner
  2. On your original business formation notice from the state, also in the top right corner
image of Webfile Number locations, On your state compliance notice in the top right hand corner,On your original business formation notice from the state, also in the top right corner

Who can file a Texas Franchise Tax Report?

An officer/director, member/manager, or someone your business employs to file on its behalf like Lone Star Registered Agent!

When you hire us to file you can rest assured that a local, Texas registered agent will file your report accurately and on time!

Why choose Lone Star Registered Agent?

  • Reliability: We’ll receive every important notice from the state and notify you in seconds.
  • Privacy: We’ll protect your personal address by keeping it off the state’s public records.
  • Ease of Access: All documents are scanned and available for life in your online account.
  • Consistency: We’ll be your registered agent if you or your business moves anywhere in Texas.
  • Resources: Registered agent service includes a document library, pre-filled with your business details. You’ll never need to navigate the state’s confusing website.

Lone Star Registered Agent is committed to affordable and accessible compliance. Our price never goes up— $50 a year is all you’ll ever pay to keep us as your registered agent!