Registered Agent Services

Lone Star Registered Agent provides all-inclusive registered agent service for $50 per year. We help ensure that your company is in compliance with the State of Texas and we receive any service of process on your behalf. We keep all of your important documents in your secure, online client account and we send annual reminders so you don’t miss any deadlines.

Business Formation Services

Lone Star Registered Agent can also help you form your new company or register it to do business here in Texas. When you hire us to create your LLC or incorporate your company, we prepare and file all the official documents with the Texas Secretary of State for you. Take a look at the business formation services we provide:

  • LLC
    Included in our LLC formation package is one year of registered agent reminders, annual compliance reminders, and expert local customer service support.
    Learn More About Texas LLCs
  • Corporation
    Our Texas incorporation package includes a year of registered agent service, custom bylaws, stock certificates, and as well as annual compliance reminders.
    Learn More About Incorporating in Texas
  • Nonprofits
    Our Texas nonprofit package includes a year of registered agent service, nonprofit bylaws, stock certificates, and as well as annual compliance reminders.
    Learn More About Texas Nonprofits
  • Foreign Company Registrations
    If you need to register an out-of-state company to do business here in Texas, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about:
    Foreign Texas LLC
    Foreign Texas Corporation
  • Limited Partnership
    Lone Star Registered Agent can help get your LP off the ground.
    Learn More About Texas LPs 

Mail Services

The fact that we own our building gives you the benefit of a physical address here in Texas. Work from home but don’t want to list your own address on state documents? Whether you travel a lot for work or just don’t want to be inundated by junk mail at home, we know the value of having a reliable address for your business—and it’s something we’re happy to provide.

  • Texas Business Address
    With our registered agent service, we offer free use of our business address on public filings to better keep your personal information safe.
    Learn more about Texas Business Address
  • Texas Mail Forwarding
    Get 10 free mails scans with our registered agent service. Or upgrade and get a unique suite number and more scans, starting at just $49/year.
    Learn more about Texas Mail Forwarding

Optional Services

We’re never going to try and sell you something you don’t need. This means that our registered agent service and business formation packages are simple, stripped down, and cost effective. However, we want to make sure that you get everything that you want to run your business and achieve your success exactly how you like, so we’ve offered some optional add on services that you can select at checkout.

  • Tax ID (FEIN)
    A Federal Tax ID (FEIN) is essentially a social security number that is assigned to your business entity for record and Identification purposes. As scary as that sounds, having an FEIN isn’t just for “the man” to keep tabs on you. It will be needed to file tax returns, open banking accounts for your business and for payroll purposes. If you plan on starting a business that is anything other than a sole-proprietorship, we recommend that you file for an FEIN as soon as your entity formation has been confirmed, or we can do it for you.
  • Corporate Seal
    A corporate seal is a custom stamp made for embossing your Texas corporation’s official logo and incorporation date on documents, primarily stock certificates. Although they are not a legal necessity in Texas, they’re just plain cool!
  • Corporate Book
    As your Corporation grows, so does the need for storing and organizing your vital records and documents. We offer a custom Corporate record book and attach your articles of incorporation, bylaws, and leave you room to record your meeting minutes.
  • S-Corp
    If your corporation has less than 100 stockholders, and you’ve only issued one kind of stock, you most likely can convert your C-corp into an S-corp. With an S corp you can enjoy “pass- through”taxation (reminiscent of an LLC) with the IRS, without changing your corporate structure. We can help you successfully elect to file as an S-corp.

Secure Online Account

When we receive any legal correspondence on your behalf, the first thing we do is scan it into your own secure online account for you to view. We send you a notification email for all new documents we receive and you can easily download a copy for records from our server.

Our customers are the highest priority for us and we are available to help you out whenever you need it.

If you don’t respond to our email, we continue our efforts to contact you until we are sure you have been notified. You can choose to have us send emails to 5 additional email address–such as your CPA, attorney, or spouse–just to make sure you get any important messages from us.

Legal Duties of a 
Texas Registered Agent

Every Texas registered agent is required by law to fulfill certain duties for their clients.

As your agent, we must:

  • Maintain a physical location within the state where certified mail can be accepted
  • Keep regular business hours
  • Accept service of process and official mail on your behalf
  • Notify you whenever we accept documents on your behalf
  • Forward documents to you in a timely manner

Annual Franchise Tax Reminders

Because Texas does not required any annual reporting like most states, the majority of our annual reminders will be regarding your Texas Franchise Tax Report.

We will post your tax due date in your online account so you always know when it is coming up. We will also send periodic reminders just to make sure you don’t forget.

First Class Customer Service

Our customers are our highest priory and we are available to help your whenever you need it. If you can’t find what you are looking for in your online account or if you have any questions about your registered agent service of business formation, you can reach us by phone or email.

State of Texas Forms for Immediate Filing

Immediately after you sign up for our registered agent service, you are logged into your online account where you will find all the forms you could possibly want to file with the State of Texas. Our Texas registered agent information is pre-filled on the forms. You will find forms for Texas profit and non-profit corporations, Texas LLCs, foreign entity registration in Texas, and Change of Registered Agent forms are all inside of your online account. In addition, you will find filing instructions in the online account to help you make the filing with the Texas Secretary of State Corporations Section.