How to Get a Texas Business Address

Getting ready to start a Texas business? Thinking of being your own registered agent? Ask yourself these questions first:

  • Do you value privacy?
  • Do you value junk mail?

If you answered ‘Yes’ and ‘Heck, no’ then we recommend reading this page top to bottom. Deciding which address to list in the public records of your Texas LLC or corporation is a serious task—and there’s a whole lot to consider before simply filling in the blank with your private address.

When you hire us to serve as your registered agent or form your company, we include a real Texas business address you can use instead of your own, along with free mail forwarding service (5 mail scans per year).

Need a more extensive mail forwarding option? A unique business address you can use on your website and business cards? We have two upgrade packages you can choose from to find the solution that works best for your business.

But before we get to those, let’s answer some common questions about choosing a Texas business address.

What is a Texas Business Address?

Is it your business headquarters? Not necessarily.

Your Texas business address is the official location of your business in the eyes of the state of Texas, but this address doesn’t have to be the place where the sausage gets made—or the Etsy orders get fulfilled, or the websites get designed.

Here in Texas, the only address you need to include on your formation documents is the street address of your registered agent. So your registered agent’s office (aka registered office) is your official Texas business address. This location will appear in the permanent public record of your business, and this is where any mail from the Secretary of State or a law firm will be delivered.

What is a Virtual Business Address in Texas?

It’s not as futuristic as it sounds. A virtual business address in Texas is simply a local, physical office address you can use to form your company (and protect your privacy) if you don’t have an actual brick-and-mortar office here in the state. When you hire a Texas registered agent and list their address as your place of business, you’re using a virtual address.

You might need a virtual Texas address if you:

  • run a business from your home
  • operate a mobile business like a food truck
  • aren’t regularly present at your office to accept mail
  • need to register an out-of-state entity to do business in Texas
  • want the professional appearance of a commercial address (without the high cost of renting an office)

Using a virtual address will allow you to maintain your privacy—and a legal separation between your business and personal assets—while meeting the state requirement of having a Texas street address on the record for your business.

Our virtual business address service comes with helpful tools, like a secure online account where you can store and download official documents, free Texas mail forwarding and a local customer service team you can call with any question.

Where Will I Receive My Business Mail?

This depends on the type of Texas business address you choose. Here are 4 options:

  • You run a home-based business and decide to be your own Texas registered agent. You list your home address on your formation documents. You also use your home address in your day-to-day business affairs. Your official, legal mail goes to your home address, as well as any bills, bank statements, and other ordinary mail. Fair warning: you’ll probably receive a lot of junk mail too.
  • You hire us to be your Texas registered agent for a flat fee of $50 a year. Our registered office in Austin becomes your official place of business, and your private address stays off the permanent public record. Any certified mail for your business comes directly to our office, and we upload it to your client account—and notify you—that same day. You also get 5 pieces of regular business mail scanned to your account each year. We provide your official Texas business address, but you’ll still need a secondary address for your website, business cards and ordinary business mail (if you expect to receive more than 5 pieces a year).
  • You hire us to be your Texas registered agent and add Deluxe mail forwarding for an extra $125 a year. We provide an Austin office address with a new, unique suite number to list on your state documents. You can also use this address on your business cards, letterhead, website and anywhere else you might need it. We receive, scan and upload your legal mail in addition to 25 pieces of ordinary mail, the same day it arrives at our office. You can also ask us to securely send your physical mail to you, once a week.
  • You hire us to be your Texas registered agent and add Premium mail forwarding for an extra $225 a year. You get all the perks that come with our Deluxe package, plus unlimited business mail—legal and otherwise—scanned into your client account. The same business address for everything, and all of your mail stored digitally in one secure account, for the lifetime of your business.

Can’t I Just Use My Home Address?

You can legally use your home address for your business. If you reside in Texas, it’s as simple as listing yourself as your registered agent on your forms. It’s free. But we don’t recommend it, and here’s why:

  • Your private address will be public forever. This is a fact. Even if you change your business address later on, your home address will not be removed from the Texas permanent records. Anyone who wants to show up on your doorstep or put you on their mailing list can easily do so, until you move.
  • You’ll have to keep regular business hours day in, day out. Certified mail and service of process (lawsuit action against your business) have to be accepted in person, so even a trip to the grocery store will carry the risk of missing an important legal notice—and losing precious time when swift action is required.
  • You’ll have to file a Change of Address form and pay a $150 fee every time you move. We know, we know—it’s not that big of a deal. But it’s the type of pesky bureaucratic errand that’s too easy to forget or put off until your business falls out of compliance.

Why Use a Texas Business Address?

When you sign up with us you get a real Texas business address and a whole lot more. After all, forming Texas businesses and providing top-notch registered agent service is what we do best. Here’s just some of what you get for $50 a year.

Complete Privacy

Our Austin office address is the only one you need to list anywhere on your state documents. We make sure our staff knows to protect your privacy if anyone comes digging around for your address, and we invest in technological solutions to keep your online account secure. Protecting your privacy—and that of your business partners—is our highest priority.

Same Day Scans

We’ll get your certified business mail scanned into your secure client account the same day we receive it—guaranteed. Then we’ll notify you immediately, in whichever way you prefer. Want us to just send just one email? Want us to call you repeatedly until we reach you? Or both? Our service is customizable.

Free Mail Forwarding!

With our Texas registered agent service we include 5 mail scans per year, on top of unlimited scanning of your legal mail. And just like when we receive official mail for your business, we’ll notify you right away.

Smart Business Solutions

Our comprehensive mail forwarding packages simplify your life and make it easy to stay organized while running your business. We’ll give you a unique, local office address you can use for any business purpose, and we’ll receive, sort and scan your legal and everyday mail to a secure account you can access anytime, anywhere.

A Record of Stability

We’ve been at our Austin office a long time, and we’re not going anywhere. This means your Texas business will have the same address on record, year after year. If a client, vendor or bank manager wants to look up your business in the public record, they’ll find a stable physical office space—building the credibility and trust that will help your new business succeed.


Want to start your business without risking your privacy? We provide a real business address and the best value in all of Texas. Sign up today and we’ll process your order instantly.