Get Your Business Mail the Lone Star Way.

Getting ready to start a brand new Texas company? Expanding your successful out-of-state business into the Lone Star State? We’ve got a Texas mail forwarding plan for every business size and budget.

As your dedicated Texas registered agent, we’ll provide you with a real Texas business address, a secure online account, and same-day scans of your incoming legal mail, guaranteed. We’ll also scan 5 pieces of regular mail to you each year, at no extra charge.

If you need a unique business address, we have 2 comprehensive mail forwarding packages you can add at checkout—both of which include a unique suite number that’s yours and yours alone. 

What is Texas Mail Forwarding?

Texas mail forwarding services accept your mail at a designated Texas business address and then scan or physically forward that mail to you. 

We’re seasoned Texas registered agents, which means we’ve spent years perfecting the art of getting our clients’ important mail to them as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’re all about providing business solutions that make people’s lives easier—and we’re proud to add full-service Texas mail forwarding to the list.

We’ll tell you about our Deluxe and Premium mail forwarding packages in just a minute, but first let’s look at what you get for free just by hiring us to be your registered agent.

Our (Free!) Basic Mail Forwarding

For just $50 a year, you get all the perks of our Texas registered agent service, plus free basic mail forwarding. This plan is ideal for home and web-based businesses, and anyone just starting out. You’ll get privacy protection—in the form of a real, physical Texas business address you can list on your state documents, keeping your home address out of the public record. 

You’ll also receive instant access to your very own client account where you can safely store and download your vital business documents. We’ll instantly scan 100% of your incoming legal mail to your account, as well as 5 pieces of regular business mail each year. If you need a physical Texas address for your state forms and receive just a few pieces of regular business mail each year, this is the best option for you.

Our Full-Service Mail Forwarding

If you need a Texas business address with a unique suite number that you can use for everything and anything—your legal mail, bills, invoices, website, business cards, and company letterhead—we’ve got you covered. 

Our full-service Texas mail forwarding plans include a real Austin address in a commercial office building, complete with a newly-created suite number just for your business. We’ve been in our Austin location a long time, and we’re staying put—so this is the only address you’ll need for the lifetime of your business. 

With both of our full-service plans, you can choose to have us digitally scan your mail to you as soon as we receive it, or physically forward it to the address of your choosing once a week. We never charge additional postage fees, and we won’t forward your junk mail—we’ll just (securely) shred it.

Deluxe Mail Forwarding ($125/Year)

  • Real Texas Business Address
  • Unique Suite Number
  • Same Day Scans
  • Secure Client Account
  • 25 Regular Mail Scans Per Year

Premium Mail Forwarding ($225/Year)

  • Real Texas Business Address
  • Unique Suite Number
  • Same Day Scans
  • Secure Client Account
  • Unlimited Regular Mail Scans

Benefits of Mail Forwarding

If you have a home business, travel frequently or live in another state, using a mail forwarding service can help you keep your business affairs in order. Here are 3 benefits of our Texas mail forwarding service.

  • Privacy

 The business address we include with our registered agent and mail forwarding service is the only one you need to list on your Texas formation documents. Keeping your home address off the permanent public record means you’ll avoid being subjected to never-ending junk mail. With our full-service options we receive your regular mail and packages daily, so you can travel without worrying about your mail piling up unattended. 

  • Convenience

 If you’re the type of person who enjoys having all of your documents in one, permanent digital location, you’ll love our mail forwarding service. You’ll receive instant access to your secure personal online account where we’ll upload all of your legal mail and—if you add our Premium package—unlimited regular mail too. Never again will you have to worry about losing an important contract or an official document vital to your business. 

 If you choose our physical mail forwarding option, you’ll receive your mail in one tidy package, just once a week. 

  • A Professional Image

 Having a professional address can provide a serious boost to your company image if you’re a home-based entrepreneur. With our full-service mail forwarding packages, you’ll receive a real Texas office address with a unique suite number that you can show to your vendors, investors and customers. Print it on your business cards and use it to open your business bank account. Put it on your website and Facebook page. It’s the only business address you’ll need.

How To Sign Up for Texas Mail Forwarding

We’re a Texas registered agent and business formation company, and our Texas mail forwarding is connected to these primary services.

When we form your Texas LLC or corporation, we’re your Texas registered agent for the first year—after which you can either renew for another year, or cancel with no fees. Our registered office is your official Texas business address. We provide same-day scanning of 100% of your legal business mail to your secure client account, as well as 5 regular mail scans per year, at no additional charge.

If you’d rather form your company on your own and just hire us to be your Texas registered agent, that’s fine too. You still get the same unparalleled service. We’ll send you the documents you need to make your filing with the Texas Secretary of State, pre-populated with our Austin office address.

If you need a unique suite number and comprehensive mail forwarding, you can select our $125 Deluxe or $225 Premium package when you sign up for our Texas registered agent or incorporation service. After that, we’ll get in touch to help you customize your mail forwarding plan, so you can receive your mail in the way that works best for you.