Why hire us to form your Texas LLC?

When you hire us to start your Texas LLC, we include a Texas business address that we list for every member of your company. This means no one has to open themselves up to junk mail by including their private address on public documents. We also include free mail forwarding: 5 regular mail scans to your account each year, at no extra cost to you. The minute you place your order, we begin carefully preparing your documents—and within 24 hours we submit them to the state.

At Lone Star Registered Agent, we provide:

  • A Texas business address that we list for every member
  • Free mail forwarding – 5 regular mail scans to your account each year
  • Free Phone Service for 60 days – Virtual numbers available in all 50 states
  • One day processing, preparation and filing of certificates of formation
  • Access to numerous LLC documents including operating agreements
  • One year of local registered agent service
  • Annual LLC compliance reminders
  • Expert local customer support

When we built this LLC package we took everything into consideration. You get a Texas business address to protect your privacy, free Texas mail forwarding, local registered agent service, a secure client account, and custom business documents—all for $460 flat.

Other services will try to get you in the door with the promise of lower prices, but midway through checkout you’ll notice that they keep tacking on fees for the essential features they should have included in the first place. Our price is straightforward: $460 total. That’s it. There are no hidden fees, no up-sells, and if you continue with our registered agent service next year, we won’t jack up your fee. It’s $50 per year. Year after year.

 How to Start a Texas LLC

Texas LLCs are formed by filing a document called a Certificate of Formation with the Texas Secretary of State. You can file the Certification of Formation online, through the mail, or in person. Filing a Certificate of Formation costs $308.10 if done online, and $300 if you file via mail or in person. If you would like to cut out the time and hassle, you can hire us, and we will complete the filing and provide registered agent services locally in Austin.

  1. 1. Fill out your Texas LLC- Certificate of Formation

    You can either electronically file or print and send your formation documents to the Texas Secretary of State. E-filing is faster and much more simple. Filing online saves a few days of processing time and postage costs, and the entire process can be carried out at Texas’ SOSDirect web page. However, you will be subject to a 2.7% processing fee applied to your $300 dollar filing fee, bringing your total to $308.10.

    Below you can find a brief description for all of the required information needed on your Texas LLC Certification of Formation when filing online:

    Name Your Business Limited Liability Company
    Do a Business Entity search at the Texas Comptroller of Public Account’s website. This can save you from some grief down the road because your entity name cannot be the same as or deceptively similar to the name of any existing domestic or foreign filing entity registered to do business in Texas.

    Registered Agent and Registered Office
    A Texas registered agent is a person or business appointed to receive official mail and service of process on behalf of a Texas LLC. Your business must have a registered agent with a Texas address where documents can be physically delivered (not a P.O. box or virtual office). We offer Texas registered agent service and a Texas business address to protect your privacy for $50 per year.

    Governing Authority
    A Texas LLC is composed of members and/or managers. You can think of a member as an owner, and your Texas LLC can have any amount of owners. A manager is an individual that is active in the day-to-day operations of the LLC but has no ownership stake.

    This section of the Certificate of Formation is not mandatory to fill out, but it is essentially asking you to state the nature of your Texas LLC’s business.

    The organizer should be listed as the person who is preparing your Texas LLC’s Certificate of Formation.

    Effectiveness of Filing
    Simply list the date you want your filing to be effective. You can elect for your Texas LLC to technically be formed at a later date after your paperwork is approved, but no more than 90 days.

    After all of the information has been accurately entered online, you will then be prompted to pay your e-filing fee of $308.10. Once your payment has been approved, your Texas LLC Certificate of Formation has been submitted! Congratulations!

  2. 2. Confirm Your Texas LLC’s Approval

    After you submit your Texas LLC Certificate of Formation, you should receive a .zip file with a scan of your approved documents in 1-2 business days. This serves as proof that your Texas LLC has not only been filed for, but has been approved!

  3. 3. Obtain a EIN Tax ID For Your Texas LLC

    An EIN is essentially your Texas LLC’s social security number. In order pay employees and claim profits on your federal taxes, you will need an EIN number. Getting an EIN tax ID for your Texas LLC can be done at the IRS’ website, or you can hire us to do it for you.

  4. 4. Create a Texas LLC Operating Agreement

    Texas LLC laws do not require an operating agreement when forming a business entity, but you should consider it a necessity. The operating agreement is a document that outlines the entity’s rules, regulations, and provisions, along with how those encapsulate the business’ financial and functional directions. If your Texas LLC has multiple owners, the operating agreement can be used to govern owners’ disputes down the road. With single member LLCs, the operating agreement is vital to showing how the LLC is actually an organized legal entity. This makes it harder to apply an LLC’s possible liability or debts to an individual.

    If you hire Lone Star Registered Agent to form your Texas LLC for you, we include an executed operating agreement specific and customized to your Texas LLC.

    Some key points that are customary in an LLC’s operating agreement include the following:

    • – Company formation information
    • – Registered agent information
    • – The duration of the company
    • – Procedure if a member dies or has a long absence
    • – The LLC’s purpose
    • – Members’ names and addresses
    • – Outline on how to add more members
    • – Initial contributions
    • – Outline of how profits and losses will be distributed
    • – Outline of the management responsibilities of the members or managers
    • – Powers of managers
    • – Indemnification outlines
    • – The location and method in which company records will be kept
    • – Dissolution outline


We want you to have all the knowledge you need to help your business thrive. Here are our answers to common questions about staring an LLC in Texas.

What is a Texas LLC?  
What are the benefits of a Texas LLC?
Who can form a Texas LLC?
How do I maintain my Texas LLC?
What are the costs of a Texas LLC?

What is a Texas LLC?

A Texas LLC is a limited liability company formed in Texas. The Texas LLC combines the advantages of a partnership’s tax structure and a corporation’s limited liability protections. A Texas LLC has all of the liability protection afforded to a corporation, without the burden of maintenance requirements and the tax structure of a corporation. Instead, the owners (members) are able to make decisions about the company without resolutions or annual shareholder meetings. For these reasons, the LLC is the most popular business entity type in America.

What are the benefits of a Texas LLC?

  1. Taxation
    As a Texas LLC, you will not be subject to state corporate tax and the LLC itself does not file or pay taxes to the IRS. Instead the Texas LLC’s income passes through to the members of the LLC  and then the income is taxed as personal income on the tax returns of its members. The share of these profits should be set out in the operating agreement, and are correlated to each member’s tax burden. For example, if you own/operate a single member LLC, you are entitled to 100% of the profits, and have to pay 100% of the income tax on the profits of your LLC. The only state tax that a Texas LLC is subject to is the state franchise tax, which applies to all businesses in Texas.
  2. Less Red Tape
    Unlike a Texas Corporation, a Texas LLC does not require resolutions to alter company operations, or hold annual meetings. A Texas LLC is also subject to far less record keeping, primarily because they do not issue stock. Essentially, having a Texas LLC allows you to streamline you decision-making process and get to work!
  3. Protect Your Assets
    One of the huge advantages of a Texas LLC is that it legally separates the assets of the LLC from any of its member’s assets. This is done by designating what assets/debts actually belong to the Texas LLC, and what is yours.  Responsibly keeping these separate and not muddling funds/assets can enhance the limited liability of your company, and lessen your chances of personal debts or lawsuits.

Who can form a Texas LLC?

You can. I can. Someone who lives in Hawaii can. Someone who lives and has always lived in Tibet can. The only requirement is that you have an appointed registered agent that resides in and can be served at a valid Texas address. A registered agent has to be able to accept legal documents and official notices on your behalf in Texas. Whether you live in Texas or not, we’ll form your Texas LLC, provide a physical Texas business address, and be your registered agent for only $460 total.

How do I maintain my Texas LLC?

Once you’ve formed your Texas LLC, you will be required to perform annual maintenance, and you will have some hoops that you have to jump through if you wish to change or amend any of the provisions in your Texas LLC formation documents. It is important that you keep up on the following tasks so that your Texas LLC doesn’t run into any hiccups:

  • File Your State Franchise Tax
    The Texas franchise tax is a “privilege” tax that applies to your entity’s margin in one of four ways, dependent on your entity’s annual revenue. The larger your entity’s revenue, the more complicated the calculation of your franchise tax, but generally there is a 0.5% tax on the revenue of retailers and wholesalers that gross over $1,130,000. If your Texas LLC made less than $1.13 million in revenue for the year, then you will not have to pay any state franchise tax. More tax calculation information can be found at the Texas Comptroller’s website. Your first franchise tax report is due on May 15th of the year after you first formed your Texas LLC.
  • Keep Your Registered Agent Service Up to Date
    You will need to make sure that you have an active, dependable registered agent. Keep in mind that you cannot form or properly manage a Texas LLC without designating a registered agent. Also, if your registered agent ever changes, quits on you, or changes addresses, you will have to amend your Texas Certificate of Formation to reflect that change. We’re not changing our location anytime soon (we own the building), so with us as your Texas registered agent you’ll never have to file a pesky Change of Address form.
  • Making Changes to Your Texas Certificate of Formation
    In order to make a change on any of the provisions that are set forth in your certificate of formation you will need to file a *424-Certificate of Amendment form with the Texas Secretary of State. You will have to do this to make a change to your entity name, your registered agent, or any other stipulations that you would like to be referenced in you formation documents. Pursuant to section 101.356(d) of the Texas Business Organizational Code, any changes to your certificate of formation must be approved by all members of your Texas LLC.

What are the costs of a Texas LLC?

  • Texas Secretary of State Filing Fee- $300
    If you print and file the Texas LLC Certificate of Formation via mail or in-person, the fee is only $300. It can be paid by check or money order made payable to “Texas Secretary of State.” The fee is non-refundable so if there are any errors or roadblocks on your formation documents, you will be rejected and lose $300.
  • Texas Secretary of State Filing Fee, When Filed Online- $308.10
    The Secretary of State charges a 2.7% processing fee for debit and credit cards, and plastic happens to be the only method of payment accepted.
  • Expedited Processing Fee- $25
    If you just can’t wait any longer to get your business of the ground, you can pay an extra $25 to have them move your formation documents to the top of the stack. Paying this fee means that more than likely your formation will be approved within 2 business days. You also get the option of leaving a callback number so that the clerks that approve it can call you and confirm it to you immediately.
  • Pre-Clearance Inspection Fee- $50
    The Texas Secretary of State also allows you to pay for a pre-clearance inspection fee along with your Texas LLC Certificate of Formation. This means that a clerk will look over your documents and then assess whether your Certificate of Formation is acceptable before filing it. That way if something is illegible or your desired entity name is already taken, your $300 filing fee will be returned to you and you can fix the error before you file it.
  • Certificate of Amendment- $150
    There is a $150 filing fee for changing the structure or organization of your LLC. If you file it online, it’s 154.05 after the 2.7% processing fees.
  • State Franchise Tax- VARIES
    Generally, unless your business entity is making more than $1.13 million in revenue a year, you are not subject to the state franchise tax. However if you are making more than that, the factors involved in calculating your taxes for the year get more and more complicated.  You can file and pay your taxes on the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts’ website.

Your LLC is never alone in the Lone Star State!

At Lone Star Registered Agent, not only are we experts in registered agent duties, but we know the in-and-outs of all Texas business filings. Our expert filers in Austin are equipped to file your Texas LLC formation with our $460 Complete Texas LLC Package. That $460 total includes the Texas Secretary of State’s  $310 filing fee, a Texas business address, free mail forwarding, a template for drafting your LLC operating agreement, and a year of our unparalleled registered agent service.

Even if you file your Texas LLC formation yourself, you still need a registered agent that resides in Texas and is dependable. There are several choices out there if you are looking for a registered agent in Texas, but there are none like Lone Star Registered Agent. Some registered agents charge abhorrent yearly fees just to get your vital legal mail shipped to their section of a stuffy office building’s basement mail room. After that, they forward it to you when they’re good and ready.

At Lone Star Registered Agent, whenever we receive mail on your behalf, we immediately scan it into a secure, private online account that you can access from anywhere. Plus, you’ll get a notification letting you know that we’ve received legal correspondence on your behalf.  Clients that purchase our $50/year registered agent service also get business compliance tracking. That means that we keep track of when all your filings are due, and we remind you when they’re coming up, with plenty of lead time. You’ll never miss your state franchise tax due date because, frankly, we won’t let you.  You’ll also have instant access to our vast database of Texas business filing forms. The less paperwork our clients have to do, the better.

How to Order:

  1. Click on Form a Business and Fill Out Our Order Form
  2. We List Our Texas Business Address For Every Member
  3. Our Filing Staff Will Submit Your Filing Online Today
  4. The Texas SOS Will Record Your LLC in 1-3 Business Days
  5. We Provide Texas Registered Agent Service for 1 Year
  6. You Receive a Renewal Offer 1 Year Later

“ We believe deeply in customer satisfaction. If you are unhappy with any part of your LLC order, let us know and we will fix it immediately. You are under no obligation to maintain our registered agent service and can cancel anytime. We have no cancellation fees.”

Why Hire Lone Star LLC?

Local Matters

You don’t have to be a Texan to know that here in the Lone Star State, we do things differently. Texas business filings are no different. The Texas Secretary of State has its own way of processing documents and its own unique rules that you won’t find anywhere else in the US. It helps if your LLC formation service understands the ins and outs of Texas business filings.

Complete Package for Less

Our Lone Star Texas LLC Package is the most complete and affordable LLC package you can buy. We give you everything you need to get your LLC up and running, and we don’t charge you an arm and a leg for it.

  • Certificate of Formation
  • Texas Business Address to Protect Your Privacy
  • Free Mail Forwarding – 5 Mail Scans Per Year
  • 1-Day Online Processing
  • Registered Agent
  • Free Custom Business Documents
  • Annual Compliance Monitoring

At $460, our Lone Star Texas LLC offers the best value in Texas. We include built-in privacy, in the form of a real Texas business address to list on your state documents. Other services will try to get you in the door with the promise of lower prices, but midway through checkout you’ll notice that they keep tacking on new fees and charges. Our price is straightforward: $460. That’s it. There are no hidden fees, no upsells, and if you continue with our registered agent service next year, we won’t jack up your fee then either (we suggest you beware of anyone offering free registered agent service; this is a ploy, and next year you will be charged somewhere between $100 and $200 or more for service).

Commitment to Our Customers

A lot of our customers come to us after spending a year or two with one of the large filing agencies or registered agents. It’s not hard to understand why. Huge corporations have a lot of resources, but when their customer you’re little more than a number. At Lone Star Registered Agent LLC, all of our customers are important to us. Every company says that. Few actually mean it. Our business model is simple: excellent service and dedication to getting the details right leads to repeat business and a quality reputation. That’s a win for us and a win for our clients.